ATM Services and Security

ATM placement

Placement or localization, involves the search for establishment, movement or geographic expansion of organization's activities. Suitable site will cause the retailer to access more customers and benefit higher chance in attracting them. In addition, during an increase in the number of retailers offering similar goods in a specific area, a small mistake in choosing the establishment location of these facilities means the loss of a significant amount of market share and the expected profit. Above all, since the location decisions often impose fixed long-term costs on the organization, thus it will be very difficult to overcome the unpleasant consequences of bad location decisions.

The importance of location decision and their impact on the performance of organizations and service companies is obvious to everyone. There are various reasons for the need for optimal placement of ATMs:
• Use ATMs depends heavily on the immediate incentive, so they should be located in a good place.
• As a rule of thumb, usually 2-7 percent pf those who pass near an ATM in a store, use it to get extra cash (money).
• According to this rule, where 200 people commute daily, 4-14 ATM transactions are done.
• Customers who get cash from ATMs in shops, spend more in the stores. Thus, exposure of ATM and its availability is very important.



Demographic features

Age, sex, occupation, income, marital status, education level, population, number of households and …

Adjacency to other facilities of providing urban services

Sports stadiums, parks, cinemas, theme parks, gas stations, hospitals, universities, subways, intercity terminals, offices and public and private companies, chain stores, malls and shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, fresh fruit and vegetables squares, pharmacy and …

Traffic system

Status of intersections, squares, highways, streets, one-way and two-way streets and …


Competitor branches, insider branches

Criteria, rules and regulations

Municipality (urban development projects), police stations and posts-of-duty (security provision), insurance companies, etc.

Important tips on ATM placement

The installation location of ATM must be in the view of customers to attract their attention and at the same time it should be placed in an area with high commute so as to be also secure.

With the correct embedding of ATM location no barrier will exist and at the same time, using ATMs will have positive effects in reducing the traffic & consequently air pollution.

Location of ATMs embedment must be such that delivering money to them is done easily. The use of ATMs with electronic-locks is preferred because opening the code-lock is time-consuming and difficult in mechanical models.

Construction of kiosk must be such that, if possible, ATM is placed in the body of kiosk so as it would be difficult to dislodging it. Thus, stealing the entire ATM will be difficult or impossible.

If the installation location of ATM is inevitably in places with lower security or less-crowded than other places, so it is recommended to put less money into the ATM because it reduces the risk of theft. This does not look too series in banks' ATM but they are extremely serious and high-risk in ATM kiosk projects.

Installed kiosk of ATMs should have adequate lighting. Having lighting lamp connected to the emergency power is very desirable. It is obvious that ATMs should be equipped with emergency power so as in the case of a power outage for any reason, not to make problem for customer transactions.

Installation location of ATMs should not be in places near electrical posts or any source of noise that may interfere the digital systems and ATM data transmission. Perhaps, installing a lightning rod on the kiosk which provide more security with users and ATMs against lightning, is desirable.

Installing ATMs in places with surveillance cameras such as shops or street traffic cameras increase the security of ATMs and users.

Important places for ATM installation:

Main and crowded squares and streets

Fruits and vegetables squares

Chain stores



Subway stations