Introduction of Parsa Company


Parsa (Pardazesh Electronic Rashed Samaneh) Company was registered by direct investment of information and communication technology enterprise "Pasargad Arian" (Fanap) and with fully paid capital of 110 million Rials on 2008/8/13 under number "327970" and with the name "Rashed System electronic processing enterprise". And at the first stage of its capital increase according to the act by the Board of Directors, on 2015/3/20 increased its capital from retained earnings in 2013, discretionary reserves and cash contribution of stockholders to 40 billion Rials.
Parsa corporate was established in 2009 with the aim of design, marketing, localization, supply, installation and setting up, maintenance, training and exploitation of credit and Information technology systems and also participating in public and private tenders and auctions and providing engineering activities including design and production, technical provision and implementing in bank infrastructures areas.

Background of Parsa Corporate

This corporate at 8th year of its activity (work) tries to take effective steps in improving its quality of services and increasing the satisfaction of customers with relying on its knowledge and experience of human capital and their experiences so as to be known as known corporate in areas related to E-payment services. The followings are the important activities carried out by this corporate during the years:
• Setting up the first ATM outside the branches
• Conclude a support contract with Pasargad Bank: 2012
• Increasing the number of ATMs outside the branches of Pasargad Bank to 500: 2013
• Increasing the number of ATMs outside the branches of Pasargad Bank to 650 number: until the end of May, 2015

Social responsibility

Parsa (Pardazesh Electronic Rashed Samaneh) corporate in line with fulfilling its social responsibilities, has approved to pay for the costs of one orphaned child through Child Foundation per each ATM.

Support the E-payment services of more than 8 banks and financial and credit institutions.
The number of corporate head offices across the country is over 40. Human capital of the corporate is over 320 people.
Counting, separation and transferring over 2000 billion Rial of cash per month.
Support from more than 150,000 ATMs in POS each month.
Activities in the field of Cash in Transit (CIT)

Businesses which have high volume of cash daily or in a certain time period, can request Parsa corporate to collect, transit, count or transfer their cash money to a bank account with maintaining the security possibilities and good assurance.
Problems such as reduced security level in the society and companies, the urgent need of companies to have money in E-accounts, annoying traffic, companies' need for secure cash movement and hard daily interactions with human forces have caused Parsa Corporate to offer the large business these unique services in the CIT area including collection, transit, security and use of cash money.
Parsa(Pardazesh Electronic Rashed Samaneh) comes to your company with police officers at your requested time and transfers your cash with precision and good insurance to your requested banks. We are responsible for all involvements concerning this process so that your money will be deposited to the bank account with good security and speed. Pasargad Bank gets services from Parsa (Pardazesh Electronic Rashed Samaneh) for many years and the "Central Bank" knows us by this expertise.
Benefits of using the funds collecting services of Parsa (Pardazesh Electronic Rashed Samaneh) corporate:
• Maintenance of the cash transfer security by police force
• Insurance of collected funds by valid insurance organizations
• Use the experiences and expertise of Parsa in costs management
• Reduced administrative and structural costs for cash transit
• Determination of the financial status of financial amount in a day (certain time period)

Activities in the field of ATM

If your colleagues or customers are in need of cash money, ATMs devices of Parsa corporate will meet their need with good precision and quality. Parsa(Pardazesh Electronic Rashed Samaneh), installs the ATM at your location and can afford all services including provide bills, repair and maintenance. Among the Parsa's activities for this field are:
• Marketing (for) the ATMs across the country
• Installation and setting up the ATMs
• Setting up an ATM network across the world
• Siting including installation of shelter, billboard, awning etc.
• Provide financing services to branches and ATMs outside the branches across the country
• Hardware support and maintenance of ATMs across the country using experienced and technical workers
• Provide treasury services using sorter and cash-counter devices in accordance with world standards
• Design and construction of the standard treasuries across the country
• Financial reconciliation using comprehensive system of monitoring the ATMs across the country
• Provision and replacement of ATMS' components
• Holding specialized training courses in the field of ATMs
• Holding specialized training courses in the security and protection fields
• Equipped with a comprehensive system of monitoring the ATM and CRM for human resources management employed in the project and ISSUE TRACKING to meet the stated failures
• 24-hour services of call center