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The Parsa Company is the Iranian’s leading provider of Design, Marketing, Allocation, Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Training and Operation of Credit systems and ICT in the areas of banking infrastructure.




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40 branches around Iran

ATM Services and Security

Parsa (Pardazesh Electronic Rashed Samaneh) is expertized in the placement of ATM. Currently, Pasargad Bank as a professional customer is very satisfied with the performance and the amount of transactions on ATMs placed and maintained by Parsa corporate. During the study years, Parsa has achieved influential and important components in choosing ATM location. Placement or localization, involves the search for establishment, movement or geographic expansion of organization's activities. Suitable site will cause the retailer to access more customers and benefit higher chance in attracting them. In addition, during the increase in the number of retailers offering similar goods in a specific area, a small mistake in choosing the establishment location of these facilities means the loss of a significant amount of market share and the expected profit. Above all, since the location decisions often impose fixed long-term costs on the organization, thus it will be very difficult to overcome the unpleasant consequences of bad location decisions

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